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Living in Orangevale, California

A quiet rural space among bustling urban communities

Located in Sacramento County, California, Orangevale is best known for its breathtaking views of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. A rural area, Orangevale is nonetheless situated in the middle of a growing metropolitan area, making it the best of both worlds for its many inhabitants. An area of rolling hills, much of the Orangevale community is made up of housing made to accommodate horseback riding and other similar endeavors.

Originally a colony of the same name, Orangevale was founded in 1844 as part of the Rancho San Juan Mexican Land Grant that happened that same year. As the name would imply, the area was originally home to a number of orange groves. Many trails, made by the original inhabitants to the area, the Maidu Native Americans, still persist to this day. While the area has become more developed over the years, it still remains a rural part of Sacramento, and many of the original trees and groves can still be found in Orangevale.

As stated above, living in Orangevale is a wonderful experience, and many residents enjoy the proximity to more active metropolitan activities, while still living in a more quiet, rural part of the county. Whether moving for a fresh start, a new career or settling into a place to call home for your family, there’s something for everyone looking to move to Orangevale.

Things to do in Orangevale

Recreation in the Vale

The Orangevale Grange is one of the longest standing institutions in the area, dating back to 1910. The National Grange is actually the nation’s oldest national agricultural organization, founded back in 1867. The Grange has had a significant impact on the surrounding area of Orangevale in a number of unexpected ways. For example, the first library in Orangevale was actually originally the home of one of the members of the Grange. Today, the Grange lends itself to Orangevale’s strong agricultural roots, as well as other pursuits. The Grange participates in many of the local festivals and often provides breakfast for the events, and continues to provide membership opportunities for residents looking to get the most out of their local community.

The Recreation & Park District is a nearby city recreation hub which encapsulates a gym, meeting rooms, classes and an outdoor pool, as well as ball parks. The area is a popular spot for sports and summer activities for residents in Orangevale and other nearby Sacramento areas.

Schools in Orangevale

Education opportunities for every stage of life

Orangevale offers a number of public and private school opportunities for its younger residents, many of which are highly rated and considered excellent choices for their educational pursuits at every stage of their schooling.

Primary schools in the area include Trajan Fundamental Elementary, Green Oaks Fundamental Elementary, Oakview Elementary, Pershing Elementary, Twin Lakes Elementary, and Ottomon Elementary.

The area has 2 junior high schools, Louis Pasteur and Andrew Carnegie, and one primary highschool, Casa Roble Fundamental High School with some southern residents attending Bella Vista in nearby Fair Oaks.

Schools in the Orangevale area are highly rated, and excellent options for students looking to grow into productive and self-actualized adults, whether they intend to pursue high education or advance to the work force after high school.For more information on the Orangevale schools mentioned above, including operational information, scheduling and event activity being planned for the school year, click the links below to visit their websites:

Trajan Fundamental Elementary

Green Oaks Fundamental Elementary

Oakview Elementary

Pershing Elementary

Twin Lakes Elementary

Ottomon Elementary

Louis Pasteur Middle School

Andrew Carnegie Middle School

Casa Roble Fundamental High School

Bella Vista High School

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