Folsom Homes for Sale

Folsom Homes For Sale

A gateway to the Sierra, Folsom CA has it all

Folsom, CA is just east of Sacramento. Nestled in the foothills of the vast Sierra range to the east, Folsom is a gorgeous and historic city. Being so close to both Lake Tahoe, the Sierras, and the large city of Sacramento, Folsom offers a huge variety of experiences for a family looking to find their home! If you are looking for Folsom homes for sale, we have you covered, so contact us today!

Get To Know Folsom, CA

Access to alpine lakes and mountain views is just the start!

With the motto “Distinctive by Nature”, you know Folsom has a lot to offer. Let us help you find not only Folsom homes for sale, but also all that this rich area has in store for you as a future resident.

Folsom Lake State Recreation Area – Located at the base of the Sierra foothills, the lake and recreation area offers opportunities for hiking, biking, running, camping, picnicking, horseback riding, water-skiing and boating.

Lake Tahoe – The largest alpine lake in North America, this iconic vacation staple offers water sports & more. Located just a short drive from Folsom!

Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary – In 2002, under the direction of zoo superintendent Terry Jenkins, the zoo name was changed to Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary. The new name best described the goal of providing for animals that are not able to be released back into the wild. Some of the zoo sanctuary residents have been pets that proved to be too wild or were confiscated as illegal. Many have suffered injuries that would make life in the wild impossible and some were captured as “problem animals.” All residents of the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary are treated as individuals by the staff and offered the best environments for their needs.

The Johnny Cash Trail – The City of Folsom celebrated the completion of the Johnny Cash Trail on October 14, 2017 – a 2.75 mile Class I bike and pedestrian trail that winds west toward the Folsom Historic District and east toward the Folsom Lake Crossing Trail. The trail has two beautiful bridges inspired by the local landscape including the architecture found at nearby Folsom State Prison. The trail is a popular outdoor recreation enthusiast destination for walking and biking and local wildlife and inspiring scenery can be viewed throughout the trail. The City of Folsom is currently advocating for and fundraising to install a world-class linear public art experience that will celebrate and honor the legendary Johnny Cash, his music, and his history in the City of Folsom.

All this and more is available when you find your Folsom home for sale!

Jobs in Folsom, CA

Close to Sacramento, the job market is hot in the Folsom Area

Intel – Intel is by far the largest employer in Folsom, with almost 6,000 employees.

Intel’s Folsom campus, nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, is approximately 15 miles outside of Sacramento, California. With seven buildings totaling over 1.5 million square feet of office, test floor, and lab space, Intel Folsom is one of our largest Intel sites and one of the largest private sector employers in the area. As a research and development campus, Folsom employees create, test, and validate the next generation of chips and chipsets, including desktop, mobile, and server processor products.

The California State Prison and Folsom Prison are the 2nd and 3rd largest employers, employing close to 3,000 people combined.

There are many opportunities to work and play in Folsom, so let us help you find Folsom homes for sale!

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